November 3, 2018

I'm pleased to announce that my book is now available for purchase in the shop of my website. 

"Beautiful, well thought, sensitive and inspiring.
A humanistic anatomy perspective."

These pages are f...

April 4, 2018

A major difference between myself (a medical illustrator) and a traditional illustrator is that I am able to work directly with medical professionals. 

Some of my clients have a technology which requires a surgical implantation - or at least consultation with a surgeon....

February 13, 2018

Hi, I'm Jessica and I’m a professional Medical Illustrator. Chances are that you haven't heard of this profession of mine, but it’s time you do. I find that sometimes companies weren't aware that they needed a medical illustrator until they meet me and hear what I do....

December 16, 2017

I had the pleasure of working on an editorial piece for Stanford Medical magazine.  The article is about a surgeon who created a way to use a patient's own tissue to repair an aortic valve.  It was my task to educate readers about the general anatomy of the heart and w...

December 16, 2017

My relative Jonathan - a talented and enterprising young man filled with curiosity has been diving into one of his new crafts: Blade Smithing.  I saw his latest creations and offered him a craftsman's trade: a knife for a painting.  He presented me this beautiful blade...

December 13, 2017

A recent personal work created with pastel and acrylic.  I like to take my figure-drawing sketches from live model sessions and expand upon them with my imagination.  This man was in a relaxed position and I imagined him enjoying warm morning sun on his patio.  Althoug...

December 13, 2017

Latest work from my Our Sleeping Children series.  I was moved by the love story of a young woman I met while living in Israel.  She is Dutch by birth and while living in Israel had fallen in love with an Eritrean refugee.  Their love, faith and persistence enabled the...

April 20, 2017

Since 1985, Medical & scientific illustrators in Europe have attended the AEIMS congress to share work and hear related lectures.  This year was in Maastricht, Netherlands  It's a wonderful chance to catch up with people so similar to each other from around the world -...

April 19, 2017

Self portrait of a modern sinner.  Wasting freedom, talents and youth on a website.  

It took listening to this podcast by Sam Harris to finally help me realize that I had fallen prey to the predator that the internet has become (And proving to me that I...

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December 16, 2017

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