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  • Jessica M. Koren

Craftsman's trade

My relative Jonathan - a talented and enterprising young man filled with curiosity has been diving into one of his new crafts: Blade Smithing. I saw his latest creations and offered him a craftsman's trade: a knife for a painting. He presented me this beautiful blade that he created from a lawnmower rotor and some scrap wood. It fits perfectly in my hand and in my lone moments I practice the "hey, you lookin' at me" in the mirror while twirling the knife around my index finger.

It took me a while to figure out what painting would be appropriate in return for such a spendid gift. It occurred to me that the knife was so perfect that it deserved a portrait of itself, so I created a sort of watercolor infographic to educate the viewer about what kind of a knife it is. I had to do some research or course to figure out names of the components of a knife. Blade Smithing is a serious craft that takes significant time and practice to master, I wish Jonathan luck on his journey if he so chooses to continue on that path!

Now I just need to trade with a leather smith to make me a case for my new friend here.

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