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Written and Illustrated with the approval of Anatomists, Birth Workers and Obstetric professionals

"Uterus: A New Perspective is an essential resource for women, birth workers, and medical professionals looking to understand the female reproductive system and common uterine health issues. Featuring accurate and compassionate illustrations and descriptions, this book covers everything from pregnancy and childbirth to uterine procedures such as hysterectomy and fibroid embolization. With supervision and approval from leading anatomists and surgeons, this illustrated guide is a reliable source of information on all things uterus."

"Magnificent artistry. Simple yet nuanced, with a unique visual perspective. This book has helped me create clearer images in my mind of the uterus and its surroundings and has become an important staple of my midwifery library both for my own knowledge, as well as for use in childbirth education. Just purchased extra copies as gifts for colleagues abroad!" - Avital Parness, RN, Midwife

"This is a uniquely accessible and lucid guide for anyone looking to gain enhanced visualization of the female anatomy. I take it with me wherever I go.”  
- Michal Rosen, Midwife, RN, CNM, M.A.

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