About my work

I like to use Prismacolor col-erase pencils when I start my drawings. Aside from being erasable colored pencils with very hard lead which glide across the paper, they are the pencil of choice for animators. I love the free flowing rhythmic drawings of an animator's sketch - an art form which greatly inspires my own work. 

When drawing a live model (figure drawing) I am practicing my ability to identify the internal anatomy. I first try to find the recognizable bony points of the model and relate them to eachother. Figure drawing is an excellent way for me to answer the question can I observe the world as it is?

Figure drawing is a freeing and meditative activity for me because I must finish a piece in a short period of time. I never expect to create a "perfect" piece when looking at a model, I only wish to practice. I prefer sketches over finished works in general as my own aesthetic, to me it is thrilling to see an artist's true hand and process deconstructed before it gets perfected.

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