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Welcome to JMK Medical Illustration! Here's how I work:

what do i do?:
I specialize in creating custom medical and scientific illustrations that can be used in a variety of settings. My illustrations are the perfect way to communicate complex scientific and medical topics to customers, patients, investors, and the general public. I have the ability to create a custom appearance for your illustrations that is aligned with your branding and marketing goals. If you can't find exactly the image you are looking for on the internet, I can help! My unique approach to medical illustration combines hand rendering techniques with a soft and gentle style that is both approachable and tender.

I take great care in conducting thorough research for every client's project and help to communicate complex ideas in a beautiful and accessible way. I especially love working on women's health topics, as I believe empowering women through gentle anatomical imagery is a powerful way to make a positive impact on mothers and children around the world.
My mission is to help people feel more knowledgeable after viewing my illustrations.

To work with me, simply contact me via phone or email to describe your project needs. If I believe I can contribute to your project, I will send you an estimate outlining the precise nature of the work. Once approved, I will provide a milestone timeline and get to work! I am always available for communication and welcome your feedback, as I believe that working closely with my clients is the best way to produce the most effective images.

In addition to custom work, I also offer a selection of finished illustrations in my stock illustrations section. These images are  available for professional use at a fraction of the cost of a custom order.

Thank you for considering JMK Medical Illustration for your medical and scientific illustration needs. I really look forward to hearing from you!

What Clients Say

"Our experience with Jessica has been nothing short of incredible. 

Her talent and knowledge of both Medical illustration and anatomy provided a valuable perspective to our company. Jessica went beyond what was expected and provided professional Medical illustrations for our business. Her skilled hand and artistic mind have been instrumental in communicating what we, at 3NT Medical, mean when we talk about 'specifically designed endoscopes' -Thanks, Jessica!"


Ehud Bendory
CEO & Co-Founder
3NT Medical

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