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Myometrium in Childbirth

Myometrium in Childbirth

The Outer layer of myometrium is arranged in vertical stripes and is designed to push a fetus down and out of the birth canal.
The Middle Layer of muscle cells are organized in a way that can generate forces in any axis necessary to accommodate a fetus in any size and position during childbirth.
The Inner Layer is organized as horizontal rings which help move the fetus downwards with parastaltic action. This is the layer of muscle shared by all mammals during birth.

This image was created to be an antidote to typical image searches for female reproductive anatomy. The relative proximity of the organs in 3D space is made clear. Excellent for midwives, doulas, pelvis enthusiasts, reproductive system healers, doctor's offices, moon circles and red tent gatherings. Drawn by hand with Pencil from pelvic model with digital elaboration.


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