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Myometrium in Reproduction

Myometrium in Reproduction

During ovulation, the ovary signals the uterus as to whether the egg will be coming from the left or right ovary. The corresponding fallopian tube catches the egg that was expressed from the ovary and the muscle then contracts in the opposite direction, guiding the egg into the main cavity of the uterus. 
  The inner layer of myometrium acts as a pump, muscularly contracting upwards in a wave-like parastaltic action, pulling the sperm up towards the egg. Sperm could not make the journey to the ovum alone without the help of this muscle layer.
  During menstruation, the inner layer of myometrium is also responsible for pushing out menstrual fluid (Shed endometrial lining).

This image was created to be an antidote to typical image searches for female reproductive anatomy. Excellent for midwives, doulas, uterine massage groups, moon circles, red tent gatherings, body work courses and doctors offices.


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