UTERUS, a new perspective

Written & Illustrated by: Jessica Mayer Koren

ISBN: 978-90-825234-6-1

Price: $40

The intention of this book is to illustrate in common terms the current understanding of the uterus and some extraordinary medical solutions available today.

The content is inspired by responses to surveys given to the general public about their misperceptions and curiosities regarding the uterus as well as common misperceptions of patients when visiting the gynecologist.

The pages are filled with high-quality illustrations, pointing out the anatomy at a different level of understanding than what we can typically find in a quick Google search. The information in this book has been compiled from high-quality sources including anatomical textbooks, latest research in peer-reviewed articles, supervision & approval from anatomists and faculty at ZUYD University, The Netherlands and leading surgeons from the California
Pacific Medical Center
in San Francisco.


This work is intended to give men and women a better understanding of the nature of the uterus and to hopefully give readers a feeling of confidence when visiting the doctor's office and talking about their own anatomy.

Copyright Jessica Mayer Koren 2019 All rights reserved